cam(r) Critical Action Meetings®

The thought of designing and managing a 25, 60 or 100+ person meeting causes most leaders to shiver.  But when you’ve done over fifty of them, and we have, you can learn to master both the art and the science of the task.  And we have.  What’s our secret to success?  As we often say, “It’s all in the sauce and we’re happy to share our recipe and build the capability within your organization.”

Our cam(r) Critical Action Meetings® produce extraordinary energy, ideas, understanding, ownership, alignment and results.  That’s why our clients love them.  We have designed cam(r)s to solve a broad range of client challenges such as: vision, values and strategy rollout and alignment, backplanning for a change initiative, innovation and problem solving sessions, team and leadership development, transition to shared services, global team alignment, cross-functional conflict resolution, integration of new businesses and new team start-ups.