cam(r) Features

Broad application

cam(r) can address a broad range of challenging business problems such as:

• Solving company integration issues after mergers
   and acquisitions

• Creating company vision, values and strategy

• Resolving hostility between groups

• Launching company-wide quality improvement, cost,
   or change initiatives

• Aligning operations to implement the strategy

• Generating new product ideas

Large scale involvement

Imagine the power of utilizing the experience, ideas, and perspectives of 25…50…100 or even 1000 of your organization’s key stakeholders to solve your most challenging business problems. cam(r) makes that possible!

Creative difference

cam(r) is a radical departure from traditional approaches to problem solving.  We incorporate insights, theories and experience from our best business, innovation, organizational development, and change management practices into a series of highly interactive group problem solving activities.  The end product -- innovative solutions and astonishing results in days rather than months.

The Design Team

cam(r) events are planned and managed by a design team made up of our process experts, the management sponsor(s), and a representative sample of the organization’s stakeholders.  The intensive involvement in up-front planning and meeting leadership starts the change process and creates a guiding coalition to champion the effort.


• custom-design every cam(r) to address your particular
   business needs.

• have consistently achieved outstanding business results with
   this process in multi-cultural environments around the world.

cam(r) Facilitators

The cam(r) process is managed by our team of highly experienced organizational development specialists.  They have worked in diverse industries and in all types and sizes of organizations around the world.  Their expert knowledge of business, outstanding facilitation skills, proven techniques and consulting expertise has helped hundreds of organizations worldwide to improve their business performance.